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Cape Engineering Innovations (PTY) LTD
Our History

Cape Engineering Innovations (PTY) LTD was established in 2018. Its purpose is to serve its Clients with a wide spectrum of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering Services. The thinking is to be Innovative in every phase of the process. The reason for the wait was to build enough knowledge and experience to that point, that the company was ready to provide a quality service to its clients to come.

The founding Director of Cape Engineering Innovations (PTY) LTD has 20 years of solid knowledge and experience to exceed the standard of Engineering Service that Clients are used to. The primary objective of the business is to help a client to get maximum life out of his investment with the absolute minimum downtime or the risk of total failure. Cape Engineering Innovations (PTY) LTD is here to take Engineering related stress away from its Client in order for the Client to focus solely on his or her business.

The old saying goes: “Time is Money”, which is Cape Engineering Innovations (PTY) LTD’s second objective. That is to assist that the Client can get maximum Utilization or Up-Time from his or her business. Cape Engineering (PTY) LTD is now here to provide an Extreme Service to its Clients with a 24/7 throughout the year Service and Support.


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